Can You Believe These Awful Chat-Up Lines?

We all know that with online dating the stakes are low. Most of the time, you don’t know one another and you certainly don’t owe one another anything which could be why many people take a risk and send a slightly obscure first message as a chat-up line.

There’s really nothing to lose by sending a strange opening message but this anonymity opens up a host of problems. Namely, almost anything goes.

Straight to the point:

“Fancy hooking up?”

“We should go on a date.”

Trying to spark some interest:

“Can I ask you something…?”


“You win at being hot.”

Or innuendos:

[Talking about flicking through photos on Tinder]:

Him: “You know something I could flick?”

Me: “Tell me.” [Okay, I set him up for this one…]

Him: “Your bean?”

Me: “Oh my. How forward.”

Him: “No point ferreting around the bushes :p”

[Talking about going to the pub, but I’m currently busy]:

Him: “Oh c’mon. I’ll let you sit on my face?”

Tinder is heralded as “the hooking up app”. So I suppose it’s understandable that most people are on Tinder for a good time and say it as it is. The worse that will happen is you are “unmatched” – the best, you get a shag.

Perhaps men are fed up with dead-end conversations with women and bothering getting to know them over messages. The labour intensity that accompanies showing interest in what a woman did over the weekend before being blown off because some other hot girl came along.

God, dating apps can be cruel places.

Photo by Ott Maidre on Pexels.

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