Single life so far…

18 months ago I broke up with my long-term boyfriend; we had been going out for 7 years and things just started to go downhill.  Single life was going to be amazing – I was in the 2nd year of my Uni degree and there were some pretty attractive guys on campus.  And for the first 8 months, it was great: I was having lots of fun with lots of people and single life was treating me well.

By Christmas of 3rd year at Uni the cliche of, ‘I’m too busy to start a relationship’, was completely true – the work was really piling up, I was on the committee for a Uni dance society and acting like the free-wheeling single girl wasn’t so easy.  On top of this, all my housemates seemed to be in a relationship and I was starting to feel a bit fed up with single life.

It was around this time that I decided to give the new dating app, ‘Tinder’ a try.  Bottom line is: I loved it.  Every spare minute I opened up the app and began swiping – I was beginning to develop RSI!  Friends thought it was ‘brutal’, but I loved the honesty – either you fancy someone or you don’t; it was just like being in a bar – if someone makes flirty eye contact you can choose to reciprocate or look away.  But having the option of selecting your better photos and give out bits of information about yourself was a great way to have an idea of whether you and this other person ‘click’.  As much as I enjoyed the app, I didn’t actually meet anyone when I was at Uni, it was only when I headed back home for the holidays that I met a few guys for a drink (or three).

One guy seemed nice, but after a second ‘date?!’ I realised I wasn’t interested.  Another guy was charming over Tinder messenger (and later texts); we seemed to get along well and meeting up for a drink was a fantastic move – or so I thought.  On the way home I called a friend and was beaming to her about how great the date had gone and how lovely this guy was – until he didn’t text.  By day 3 I threw in the towel and sent him a casual text.  Absolutely nothing.  And still nothing (this was about 3 weeks ago now).  Bugger.

I also signed up to the free dating site/app ‘Plenty of Fish’ (POF) during my time at Uni – as recommended by a friend.  My main issue with POF is it’s free.  This means that there are some bloody weird blokes on there.  At uni, as well as at home, I’ve been contacted by 18-year-olds and 45-year-olds – not my ideal market – at least with Tinder you can set the age parameters of potential ‘matches’.

Since coming home for summer after finishing my degree, my patience is wearing thin with POF and so many guys on Tinder just don’t strike up a conversation.  (And yes, I have been the one to strike up a conversation but this doesn’t seem to be Tinder Etiquette).

And this is why I’ve now joined  I signed up yesterday (for free) to see how it works, but I couldn’t see any of the messages I had received – a privilege for members – so, today, I chose to subscribe for one month to see what (if anything) happens.

I shall let you know…


Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

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