Finding my Fertility (Stage 1)

In some ways, the lockdown doesn’t stop life going on.  Yes, we’re working from home (see here for my top tips for staying sane and productive).  Yes, we’re cancelling dentist appointments and hair cuts, but in many ways, we’re adapting not stopping.

And some things won’t fix themselves.  All the time I wait and don’t do anything about it, my ovaries are becoming more cystic which means it’ll be harder to get pregnant down the line.

So I’ve made an initial consultation with the fertility specialist.  The expertise comes with a hefty price tag, so I want to be prepared for what will no doubt be no more than a 20-minute video call.  Naturally, the private team can’t request my medical notes from the NHS, so I’ve enlisted the help of a housemate to root out various letters for me at my home in Brighton while I’m camping with my family.

Despite the kind and understanding nature of the lady on the phone, when she asks if I have a husband or a partner, I can’t help but feel like a fraud when I say “no”.

At first, fertility treatment was a back-up plan, but maybe it will need to be a viable alternative or maybe the only route to motherhood?

I’m excited to find out the next stage, and I’ll share my experiences of the consultation next week.

(Stage 2 can be found here.)

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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  1. I have polycystic ovaries and two beautiful children. Sending loving thoughts your way as you wade into the ocean of infertility.

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    1. 😍 Thank you. Hearing success stories of babies with pcos is always welcome; there’s a lot of negative rhetoric out there! X


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