Finding my Fertility (Stage 2)

(Read Stage 1 here)

Prior to a video consultation with the fertility doctor, there was a barrage of forms to fill in and a video to watch and understand.

Some of the forms included:

  • consent for the clinic to use my personal information
  • an extensive medical questionnaire
  • a ‘welfare of the child’ quiz : will my behaviour or the behaviour of anyone in my household cause harm to the child?  What is my family life like?  Do I, or my [non-existent] partner have any convictions?  And do I have any medical disorders that will increase the risk of transmissible or inherited disorders to my future child…?

…All these things to consider before even stepping foot in the clinic!

After an incredibly informative hour-long appointment, I came away from my Mac a little happier.  Every woman is different, every case of PCOS is different, and so what might be true for me, may not be for you.  However, the bottom-line was that I have time.  If I wait another four years to freeze my eggs, I should be alright.  That’s really the main thing I wanted to know now; whether I should crack on (excuse the pun) or if I can wait until I’m in a better position to make a baby.

What I considered to be ‘lucky escapes’ when I was younger have turned out to be underlying fertility issues and while I might need to spend a fortune on conceiving, when I’m ready, I could just

apply myself slightly enthusiastically to the dating scene

as Sophia Money-Coutts said in her article for The Times this morning.

With everything going on at the moment from global pandemics to personal disasters, it’s wonderful to have the positive news that I won’t be having a suction needle up my vagina anytime soon.

Stage 3.

Image by Christoph from Pixabay.

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