Finding my Fertility (Stage 3)

This time last year, I had my first fertility consultation. After filling in loads of forms and a very informative appointment, I learnt that I do have a bit of time, despite PCOS and fertility problems. (Find Stage 2 here.)

And yet a year later, we’re only just coming out of a lockdown – so that’s one year lost. Moreover, various appointments have shown my ovaries are becoming more cystic and my latest cervical screening test showed dodgy cells again. Time isn’t as on my side as I’d hoped.

So recently, I had a review appointment (this isn’t usually needed for fertility treatment, but it’s been a year since my last consultation). There were more questionnaires to fill in: asking about my height, weight, any previous pregnancies or attempts at pregnancies? How about contraception I’ve used in the past? What types of contraception? When? Details of my medical history and ops (Crikey, that’s a long list). Am I on any multivitamins or homoeopathic remedies? Have I had previous fertility treatment? Does any illness run in my family? Do I smoke, vape, drink? How many units? Do I exercise?

Once again, the doctor I spoke with via Skype was excellent. She gave me tonnes of information, answered questions I asked and help me consider options I hadn’t considered initially (such as a sperm donor).

Since then, I’ve asked a few follow-up questions over email and have a plan of action ready in my head – after many discussions with my parents.

And now, the hard work begins:

  • I’ve started taking daily multivitamins, Omega 3 and Vitamin D
  • I’m taking folic acid every day (and not feeling great on it…)
  • I’ve had blood taken and urine samples for hormone levels, chlamydia checks and levels of vitamins in my body
  • Next week (period-depending), I’m due for my pre-treatment scan to check the condition of my ovaries

Whilst I realise this is a very personal journey, and many women will have completely different experiences despite going through similar fertility treatment, I want to share my journey to help raise awareness of issues with infertility.

Find out about Stage 4.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

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  1. Please don’t worry so much. I also have PCOS and two Beautiful babies. They have great medications available when you’re ready to have that baby. 💕

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