6 Top Tips for Success on Dating Apps

I’ve been on and off dating apps for most of my twenties; I’ve tried all the popular ones and sought after casual and monogamous relationships with both men and women. I’ve been around the block – see blog!

Sometimes I’ve deleted my account because I’ve met someone and wanted to see where it progresses, but other times I’ve felt disengaged with the whole dating-app malarky. In particular, I’ve been frustrated with the profiles. I’m not claiming to have the best profile or a fool-proof formula for success, but here are my top tips for standing out in the sea of profiles.

  • Add genuine photos.
  • Add enough photos.
  • If there’s the option of determining ‘what you’re looking for’, be honest. This saves disappointment when you match with someone who only wants something casual whilst you want a committed relationship or vice versa.
  • If there’s the option to answer questions, answer a few so people can get a flavour of your personality.
  • In fact, demonstrate personality in general. This doesn’t mean adorning your profile with photos of you with tigers (remember those days?), kayaking and skiing, but do add a ‘hobby-style’ photo as this can help attract like-minded people.
  • Avoid answering questions with basic comments that actually show no personality at all. Yes, we all like dogs, debating whether pineapple lives on pizza is boring and saying that you’re ‘up for a laugh’ gives nothing away.

Do you have any top tips for navigating dating apps? Comment below.

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  1. Luke Atkins says:

    Nice advice! My boyfriend recently broke up with me and the gay dating apps are terrible, so I may just make a Bumble and Hinge today! Hopefully meet a cute guy who isn’t rude & gross lol ❤

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    1. Best of luck Luke! Let me know how you go! The lesbian dating apps are pretty dire, too! X

      Liked by 1 person

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