Casual to Serious: Can it Ever Work?

Trigger Warning: This post relays scenes of rough, BDSM sex. Consensual but rough. Your mother will likely tell you that you can’t build a loving relationship from a casual hook-up. You’ll likely ignore her and be convinced this is possible in 2021 – after all, Becky and Andy started off shagging and look, they’re now…

Bibi does… Sex: With Miranda Kane

If you’ve ever listened to the Good Sex/Bad Sex podcast by Bibi Lynch and Miranda Kane, you’ll know to expect an evening of learning and laughter when these two get together. Quick-witted and not afraid to ask the question you’re thinking but wouldn’t dare ask, Bibi and Miranda know a thing or two about balancing…

Three Girls, One App*.

When you have three vivacious single women looking for summer fun on the same dating apps whilst living at the same postcode, there’s bound to be some crossover with potential matches. And after one housemate unintentionally matched with another’s ex, we quickly learnt to keep each other in the loop with who’s chatting to whom….

How to Broach BDSM with your Partner

This post was originally written for Torture Garden and posted on their blog. Torture Garden is the world’s largest Fetish and Body Art Club with global events attracting open-minded individuals of all sexual orientations and genders. By Holly Field. You’ve found your way to Torture Garden’s website, so the chances are you’re interested in the…

Acronyms on Dating Sites: What Do They Mean?

So you’ve downloaded the app. You’re ready to line some dates up for this post-lockdown life. He looks nice and her profile seems genuine but what are all those letter combinations?! Over the years, I’ve been on plenty of dating sites. Some to find a partner, other times for casual experiences. And I’ve noticed there…

Sex Podcasts

There’s a podcast for everything, meaning, there’s a podcast for everyone. And although I’m no longer driving to work each day (and therefore don’t listen to podcasts as much as I used to), I still try and catch up on my favourite ones. Some are hilarious, others inspiring, and some spark an idea for a…

Love Lessons from a Pandemic

We’ve all gone through stages of having a list of what we need and what we want from a partner. We may have added to the list over the years or detracted from it. Perhaps we scrunched up the paper and chucked it in the bin because someone came along who fit none of our…

The Dangers of ‘Neat and Tucked in’

Brighton, like the rest of the UK, is in the grip of a lockdown. To get through January, my housemates and I are keeping busy. We’ve enhanced our professional offerings, dressed up and conducted photoshoots for our new websites and found ourselves absorbed in great TV (because there is only so much time you can…

6 Top Tips for Success on Dating Apps

I’ve been on and off dating apps for most of my twenties; I’ve tried all the popular ones and sought after casual and monogamous relationships with both men and women. I’ve been around the block – see blog! Sometimes I’ve deleted my account because I’ve met someone and wanted to see where it progresses, but…


The battlefield behind you
tells not of bloodied corpses
but of poppies;
each poppy a lesson learnt
from a romance
or a dalliance.

To navigate this war zone
you’ve used intuition and strategy –