Navigating Friendship with an Ex

It’s Sunday night; the end of a long, crazy weekend and Monday morning is looming. After catching up with the life admin jobs you were meant to complete over the weekend, you’re about to have a chilled evening watching TV with housemates.

Then you get a phone call from your best mate (who’s also your ex). He says he can’t be friends with you anymore because a girl thinks it’s weird. Quite frankly, you’re floored. This girl has been in his life, online, for seven days (he hasn’t met her yet). You’ve been in his life for 10 years.

Perhaps he’s looking to move on and cutting ties will help? But you can’t help but be frustrated by the lack of loyalty demonstrated. After an emotional conversation, the phone call ends. Whether you’ll see each other in three days, five months or two years is anyone’s guess.

Moments later, there comes a grovelling phone call.

I’m so sorry; I didn’t think.

No, he didn’t.

You’re tired, he’s crying. It’s best to leave this chat for another day.

Before bed, he texts to say you should meet up for a coffee as it will make him feel better. You roll over and go to sleep. Twenty-four hours later, there’s a trivial text and you take a breath, remember the friendship and history and reply later in the week. After all, you’ve known each other for 10 years.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.

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