10 things that go through my mind before a first date:

10 things that go through my mind before a first date:

  1. What if I don’t fancy him?

  2. What if he doesn’t turn up?

  3. What if he’s rude / arrogant / mute [delete as appropriate]?

  4. What if he turns up late and I’m already 2 glasses down?

  5. What if I really like him and he doesn’t like me?

  6. What if I bump into someone I know at the pub and they make the date awkward?

  7. What if my card magically disappears out of my purse?

  8. What if I make a tit out of myself when parking the car / getting out the cab [delete as appropriate]?

  9. What if I don’t recognise him or can’t find him?

  10. What if he walks in, looks at me and makes a run for it?

    * to all the above.



*These are thoughts that used to go through my mind before a first date.  I’ve realised it’s more efficient to just ask one question now:

What if I don’t go?

Then I’ll never know.

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  1. L. Rorschach says:

    Haha, I always worrry about #6!


    1. Haha! And then you have to explain you met online / on a drunken night out / have forgotten his name 😂

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  2. i think the one question you should ask now is ‘turning up and finding out wont kill me?’ and giving it a go!
    Think positive
    You never know the one date could lead to your prince x
    sareena ❤


    1. Absolutely! Definitely worth going and seeing what happens. X

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