Lockdown Frustrations

Lockdown is still in place.

The horny single people are still horny and single.

Some of us have caved and messaged or slept with an ex. Some of us have snogged and shagged our friends; lines have blurred.

Online conversations are drying up with no promise of physical meetings.

We’re not sure whether the person on the other side of the phone is talking to one other person or 20.

We don’t know if they’re screen-grabbing our raunchy pictures for late-night solo sessions or to share with friends during socially-distanced picnics.

Sometimes, we send pictures and regret it and other times it’s worth the kicks.

In normal times, would we have met the person on the other side of the phone by now? Would we still be chatting or would we have ditched them or been ghosted?

We’re working out how to develop intimacy with someone we’ve never met. Phonecalls help, but what we really want is touch.

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