Love and Lust in Lockdown: A turn of events.

Lockdown has got many of us feeling hot under the collar and frisky between the sheets.  To find out how lockdown has impacted our love and lusting, I’m getting intimate with interviews.


Anika, 28.

What is your relationship status? ​

Getting divorced.


Describe your love-life in one word.



Who have you been quarantining with? ​

My ex-husband and my three best friends.


Has the lockdown impacted your sex life, if so – how?

​The lockdown hasn’t impacted my sex life, but my impending divorce has.  Lol.


Have any of your desires/fantasies changed during the lockdown? ​

Umm… I thought about being a cam-girl for a while to make some money, then I looked into making porn but I’m not sure whether my fantasies about big dicks have gotten more intense, or less.  They just seem to be…  But my vibrator is so loud and the boys I live with don’t go to work anymore.  So I’ve had to put a stop to that for the moment.


Describe your lockdown experience in three words. ​

Boring.  Challenging.  Eye-opening.


What have you missed the most about ‘normal life’? ​

Going to work properly!


What coping mechanisms have you adopted during the lockdown?

Getting high all the time.


Has the pandemic changed the way you approach love and romantic relationships?​

Nah, my divorce has made me never want a relationship again.  Only because I can’t be arsed with looking after someone else.


What are your hopes for love after lockdown?

Nothing.  Maybe get a dog.


Image by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.


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