Are You Making These 8 Dating App Profile Mistakes?

Online dating is a serious business. Amidst a sea of other profiles, you have to find a way to make your profile stand out for the right reasons – and you probably have three seconds to achieve this.

Regular readers of this blog will know I’ve been on (and off, but mainly on) dating apps for the best part of 10 years. I’ve seen countless (although I’d hazard a guess: tens of thousands) profiles and have an idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to catching a swiper’s attention. 

I’ll quickly mention that this is, of course, an opinion blog – there’s no exact science to the Perfect Profile because we’re all different and seeking different attributes in a partner. Rather, consider this a guide on common dating app profile mistakes and how to avoid them, from a veteran swiper.

Dating App Profile Mistake 1) No Photos

This should be obvious, so we’ll get it out of the way first. No photos will likely lead to no matches. I won’t state why.

See also: Only having photos of beaches, the road or your dog.

Dating App Profile Mistake 2) No Bio

Not having a bio is a little more controversial. If you have photos but no text in your profile you’ll definitely garner more matches than if you also had no photos or if you had a bio but no photos. However, we all like to read a little about how potential dates present themselves, so write a bio.

Dating App Profile Mistake 3) A Rubbish Bio

Avoid writing these rubbish sentences (they add no value and actually make the person looking at your profile irritated): 

  • “I’m not really sure what to write.” 
  • “I’m not good at writing these things.”
  • “Just ask.”

Writing your height can be a good idea (please don’t lie about it) but don’t just state your height.

Avoid using the same answer for each prompt – it’s boring, annoying and a bit weird. Likewise, Covid-related answers make us all want to stick pins in our eyes.

Dating App Profile Mistake 4) Your Photos Make You Look Like a Cliche

A few years ago, we had sedated tigers, during the pandemic we had BBQs in masks, now we have Machu Picchu, the Burj Khalifa and beaches – “Look how well-travelled I am since Covid!”

See also: Predictable answers to predictable questions (This year I really want to: Travel. I want someone who: Doesn’t take life too seriously. I’m hoping you: Have better banter than I do.)

Dating App Profile Mistake 5) Being a Negative Nancy

Whether you’re answering prompts or writing a bio on a blank slate, try not to criticise your fellow daters, even if this is from a place of frustration. Conversations with people whose profile asks “Is anyone real here?” tend to be exhausting. They’ll continuously try to catch you out like they’d rather have a conversation with a bot than a person. The only thing mechanical about this chat will be its repetitive nature.

Profiles that instruct others how to be are also unappealing. “Girls: don’t draw on your eyebrows. Stop pouting. No, I don’t really care about your weekend.” Charming.

Dating App Profile Mistake 6) Your Conversation Starters are Non-Starters

Discussing whether pineapple belongs on pizza (no one cares). Enjoying a Sunday roast at the pub after a walk (everyone does). The age-old dilemma of whether dogs are better than cats (yawn).

Dating App Profile Mistake 7) Mistaking a Dating App for an IG Promo Channel

Please don’t include only your IG handle in your bio. If you’re adding it so potential dates can stalk you and see you’re real and how interesting/fun/travelled/popular you are, go ahead, but make sure your IG profile is public. If it’s private and someone has to request to follow you, we all know you’re just collecting followers.

Dating App Profile Mistake 8) Only Sharing Selfies.

Hunt down some (fairly recent) photos that you didn’t take of yourself or find some pals and do something fun this weekend. Take photos!

See also: Only group photos, gym selfies, wearing sunglasses in every photo, all photos have a filter.

Have you seen any other common dating app profile mistakes? Comment below!

Photo by Good Faces Agency on Unsplash

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