The Dating Profile You Wish You Could Build

When we’re looking for love, we all want to present ourselves in the best light. For some of us, that means picking our favourite selfies with all the filters. For others, it means showing we have friends, don’t only take selfies and have a range of interests.

But what if we had no qualms about what we included in our dating app profiles? What would the result be if we followed our instincts and wrote a quick bio and used the first photos that sprung to mind for photo prompts?

I’m not afraid to admit I do have reservations about how I present on dating apps. I’m single, looking for a genuine relationship and have found more success when glazing over certain aspects of my personality and lifestyle (make of that what you will)! If I wasn’t that bothered, I’d adapt my profiles, see what happens and then write this blog post but as it happens, I’m chatting to some lovely people so I won’t risk scaring them away.

Instead, I’ll draw on my vivid imagination and edit my chosen Hinge prompts here.

First up: A favourite memory of mine.

This is a photo of me in Morocco on what was a fabulous family holiday. Many other favourite memories could feature but many of those memories weren’t captured and some aren’t suitable for Hinge. It’s also the photo I use for my WhatsApp so should be easily identifiable if we move off the app.

I know the best spot in town for…

Like my prompt before, I’m happy with my answer – this one’s about wine and delicious food. Onwards.

Me in the wild.

Currently, I have a recent photo of me on safari. Whilst I wouldn’t say I censored my photo response, if I could (and was brave enough) I’d add more to show different facets of my personality. I’d include one of me dancing and laughing at a Fatboy Slim gig and in a sea of scantily clad bodies at a sex club (if photos were allowed, that is).

Dating me will look like…

The photo of me in a pink mini dress and knee-high heeled boots fits how I date once I’m confident I like someone. First date vibes tend to be a short dress and trainers in the summer and skinnies, heeled ankle boots and a sheer top in the winter. But dating me also looks like borrowing my date’s jacket, snuggling into their coat, holding their hand in the cab and sending naughty texts throughout the day. How do you put all that in photo form?

Teach me something about…

I’ve answered this prompt as genuinely as I can. I want my date to teach me about their interests and be open to learning about mine. Naturally, this leads to queries about my interests, some of which I censor until I know the person better.

Caught in the act.

Here’s a quick snap of me making vodka jellies. Let’s be honest, this would be a lot kinkier if I could get away with it.

I get along best with people who…

Are kind to others, but also those who get along with their family, are ambitious, love sex, can cook, enjoy exploring, are clean and tidy and chatty. I’ve written variations of this in the past but it read like an essay.

How my friends see me.

Then there’s a short video my friend recorded as I seem to be strutting and giggling out of the bathroom in wet-look leather leggings, red heels and a white top. Initially, I was hesitant to upload it but I’ve since felt it captures part of my energy.

Finally: It’s all about the simple things.

There’s a cute photo of me drinking hot chocolate outside a cafe in Paris. A friend took it quickly, without thinking too much and I love it.

So perhaps my profile isn’t as censored as I thought.

If you could change your dating app profile, what would you swap out?

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

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