Tell Me Something Interesting.

At the suggestion of a friend, I’ve approached Tinder slightly differently.

Her suggestion: start the conversation with:

    ‘Tell me something interesting’

I’m pretty ruthless on Tinder and regularly delete people who don’t talk. So, of the 18 matches I currently had, I hadn’t begun talking to about 11 of them. Having been out for many cocktails with the aforementioned friend, I took the plunge.

All 11 new matches had the opening line: ‘Tell me something interesting’ pop up on their phones.

48 hours later and the results were mixed:

  • 5 guys were silent. Clearly very boring with nothing noteworthy to share (naturally, soon to be deleted).
  • 1 told me what I already knew from his profile: eye colour and profession and ‘that’s pretty much it’…riveting.
  • 1 had a great story about how he got tyre marks on his bed (definitely a winner).
  • And the other 4 responded with cheesy flattery.

This was an eye-opening experience.

In conclusion:

    • 55% of guys on Tinder are pretty dull.
    • 9% of guys are interesting.
    • 36% of guys are just interested in getting in girls’ knickers.

So only go on Tinder if:

a) you like boring men

or b) you’re dying for a shag.

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