Too Much Too Soon

Our date was fun but I came home feeling ambivalent towards you.  I was reluctant to accept a second date, but I thought there could have been some attraction there.  I hoped you wouldn’t spoil it, mainly because you had life experiences, motivation and interesting things to talk about – you ticked a lot of boxes but I wasn’t sure if I fancied you.  After our date, you were really eager over text; bordering on pushy.

Since Monday, you continued to message constantly.  When I said my plans with friends were cancelled, you were keen for me to come over to yours.  And then you were talking about our second date (due to be on Thursday) – lots of comments about how we can “snuggle” and how you miss kissing me…  Excuse me?  We kissed once.  And it wasn’t even a snog.  You were already acting like a boyfriend and it was making me feel a little creeped out.

When Thursday rolled around, you said I should come to yours.  I told you I didn’t feel comfortable coming to your house.

I was beginning to dread our date; I didn’t want to go and I was worried I might automatically recoil when you touched me.  And that wouldn’t be nice – for either of us.

So I cancelled.

I am not one for bailing last minute, but it was the best option.  It wouldn’t have been fair on you and it would have been a waste of time for both of us.

What I did learn from this is that I should trust my gut instinct and that attraction is something which is felt instantly.  Although attraction can develop and evolve, there needs to be a spark – and that can’t be faked or forced.

Photo by mikoto.raw Photographer at Pexels.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Last week I felt the same way about my date. I liked talking to him but when I thought about kissing or being close to him my body got goosebumps. You did the right thing. Always listen to your gut feeling.

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    1. Gut feelings tend to be right. Glad I’m not the only one..!


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