24 Things I’m Grateful for at 24 Years Old

  1. We had a fun weekend.
  2. I’m feeling capable in my job.
  3. My friends are fabulous.
  4. My family is supportive.
  5. I still haven’t cried over you.
  6. I haven’t heard from you.  How predictable.  How telling.
  7. The summer is starting to fill up with adventures.
  8. Someone is teasing me, giving me hope.  False hope?  Who cares?
  9. My car’s a dream to commute in.
  10. I’m feeling supportive of my friends.
  11. My health is looking good for now.
  12. Chilled music.
  13. I can play poker.
  14. I’ve stopped eating biscuits.
  15. And chocolate.
  16. I can make crackling.
  17. My housemates loved it.
  18. Dinner party plans are progressing!
  19. My new sunglasses look great.
  20. I’ve completed my short-term to-do list.
  21. I’m making a start on the long-term one.
  22. A long overdue night out with a friend is coming up.
  23. The house is full of smiles.
  24. I’m a happy bunny.

Photo by juan mendez on Pexels.

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