Our Relationship – Round 2

I knew getting back with you was risky.  No one supported my decision and at times I seriously regretted starting things up again.

Round Two began after I wrote you my letter.  I asked you to make more of an effort, and you did.  On a quiet Sunday evening, you phoned me and asked if I wanted to go for dinner as a date.  You started to say it was fine if I wanted to keep things going as friends but then you told the truth; that wouldn’t be fine – you really wanted me to accept your offer.  You told me you’d changed: you said you realised you had been lazy last time and felt comfortable so stopped making the effort.  This was everything I had wanted to hear all summer.  So we went on our date and things escalated.

As predicted, you irritated me even from the beginning.  But I remained optimistic and I took a step back and enjoyed us for what we were.  We were having fun and you were making me happy; I wanted you, unfortunately, you needed me.

Even our frank conversations helped us to feel closer to one another.  We were honest for the duration of Round Two.  But you were in deeper.  You wanted to spend your life with me and I wish I wanted that too, but I didn’t and I knew that from the start.  I’m sorry things ended again, but this really is for the best.  Imagine if we had moved in together and married and had babies…

  • Firstly, my family and friends would have been so annoyed and possibly disowned me
  • I’d have driven you crazy
  • You’d have driven me crazy
  • Both of us would have cheated
  • You’d be aggressive
  • Our children would be miserable
  • We would be miserable
  • I’d have tonnes of debt (of course you’d be living off my salary)
  • Our divorce would be messy
  • And my parents would have said, “We told you so.”

A lucky escape for both of us, I reckon. Selfishly, I had to participate in Round Two; I needed to know my decision was the right one.  Sorry.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR on Unsplash.

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