Speed Dating: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do go with a friend.  You can be apprehensive in the cab together and share stories on your way home.

  • Don’t tell many people you’re going speed-dating; they’ll all want to know how it was after and, if it was crap, you’ll find yourself retelling the same story over and over, each time fashioning it in a more negative and depressing light.  And you’ll resent going more than you already did.

  • Don’t get drunk!

  • Do have low expectations.  That way, anything better is a bonus!


  • At the same time: Do be positive.  No one likes a Moaning Myrtle.

  • Don’t go home with someone.  This is meant to be speed-dating not speed-fucking.

  • Do write notes about your date when you’ve finished.  It’s difficult to distinguish between Tom, Dick and Harry when you’ve only had 5 minutes with each person and the whole evening becomes a blur.

  • Don’t lose your matches sheet!  You definitely won’t remember the difference between Tom, Dick and Harry the next day.

  • Do go.  It’s another experience.

Any I’ve missed?

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