And then they went upstairs…

She thought there’d be an awkward air; the tension of a dirty secret.  She thought there’d be naughty glances and nothing more.  How wrong she was.

The girl came bounding in: full of life – a bottle of prosecco in hand.  Within five minutes it was clear there were memories filled with lust in both the girls’ heads.  There was no intention to hide what had happened; they talked openly about desire, pubic hair choices and that night.

The troubles with her man were escalating, she confided.  She didn’t want to sleep with him on his birthday because of what had happened only a few hours previously.

She thinks about it often.  ‘So do I’, admitted the other girl.

They both agreed their orgasms had altered somewhat as a consequence.  More intense and also more visual.

In a cloak of gin and under a hood of the familiar kitchen, they played with each other’s hair and kissed each other’s necks.

And then they went upstairs.

She thought there’d be an awkward air; the tension of a dirty secret.

How wrong she was.


Photo by Heng Films on Unsplash

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  1. Really pleasantly surprised by this piece of creative writing. It’s very realistic, and the way you have used repetition where the last lines almost mirror the first, is very effective. That’s not so easy to pull off. At first I hadn’t realised you had repeated the lines -that’s how naturally and smoothly they fit into the whole. Impressive.


    1. Thank you for the kind comment. It’s not creative writing; this happened recently. But I appreciate your compliment regardless.


      1. Yes, I thought it may have happened. But it still counts as creative writing. It’s your imaginative mind that represented the event in words that are accessible and beautiful to read. Even though it is a true event, you could have written it in a boring, clunky, or ugly way -but you didn’t. Please don’t denigrate your writing skills -you are a good writer!


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