The passion she found in that room.

She thought it would be tricky to get along with him that night;

this arrogant, sexist man.

He reminded her of when she was younger –

more naive,

more accepting of men’s chauvinistic remarks.

Maybe this kindled a yearning for her youth?

His girlfriend was at home,

she wasn’t known to her.


His presence was comforting – his kindness, refreshing.

His warmth?  Well she needed that.

The minium 6am light gave a false sense of familiarity as they learned one another’s bodies.

It’s always been there between them:

the weight of possibilities yet the burden of missed opportunities.

But something shifted that night.

Cachaca and gin tethered the girls together.

They entwined their painted fingers

and caressed each other’s legs under the tables.


Tension builds and privacy beckons.

How long were they in there?

Couldn’t tell.

But all the previous men hadn’t given her the passion she found in that room.




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  1. Wow. This is so heartfelt and sincere. You are very talented. I can feel the emotions running through this piece. Truly remarkable. I am Ragazza. Hello! I hope you could follow my blog, maybe you’ll get inspired too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! And thank you for the follow; I have followed you back. I find I write my best when my emotions are raw and my friends who read my blog say I have a sincerity to my posts. I look forward to reading more of what you have to write!


      1. Thank you and I feel the same way. I write better when I’m upset or sad. How about you? Do you have Twitter or IG?


      2. I don’t have twitter or IG for this blog yet, but I’ll set an IG account up today and post the link. Happy to follow you on there when I’m all set up. X

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yey. I’m waiting on that. 🙂


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