If I’d have known…

To Younger Me,

You’re 16 and you need to know it’s not gonna go how you plan.  You won’t be with this man forever; he’ll surprise and disappoint you and resurface like those sparkly hot pants you forgot you had.  When you leave him you’ll be lost.  But you’ll work out it’s how you find yourself.  That Buddhist script from Thailand has proved more right than you expected (and hoped) it would be.  You’ll start to believe in ‘the universe’ and stuff like that – you won’t always be a cynic.  You’ll wonder if you’ll have a boy first like prophesied, but then health takes a turn and by 26 you won’t have found a decent man to procreate with, so you ignore these musings.

You’ll shag more people than you think you will.  You’ll be braver than you imagined you could be.  You’ll be more vulnerable, too.  You’ll be cut up and stitched back together and wear it like a badge.  Weird, huh?

When you turn 26, you will still have some of the bestest friends – hold on to them; they are very special.  At times, you will envy your friends: their successes in love, their progression through the ‘Being a Grown-Up‘ tick list, and their good health.  But you’ll check yourself; these are your friends and they’re with you through thick and thin (and you should be, too!)

DO MORE EXERCISE!  When you’re 21 and then 26 you’ll go back to the gym to burn off biscuits and wine you can’t say ‘no’ to.  But don’t stop eating the biscuits and drinking the wine – they make you happy, if a little unfit.

Now, listen up Girly: Sleeping with a man WILL NOT make him stay.  Being a ‘nympho’ is not a compliment; keep your legs crossed.

It will take you a LONG TIME to realise this and your mother will worry you’re getting a reputation, but really, you’re just doing things your way.

When you turn 21, your friends will suggest you start a blog to document this new single life you’re about to navigate.  You’ll scoff, muse on it and then begin, presuming it’ll last four months – max.  Five years later and you’ll still be going strong.  It’s a wonderful outlet and maybe an option for the career change your 27th year will bring?

Never take yourself too seriously: acting like an idiot with your closest friends brings about some of your loudest cackles and you’ll remember these moments in your times of solitude.


What you need to remember is that this is YOUR LIFE.

Your friends and family offer excellent advice, but you’re the one who has to ‘do you’ every day.  Make it count.  Make yourself happy.


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