A Sexy Photo at the Hospital?

Last week I was in the hospital and what better way to pass recovery time than on Tinder?  Frequently, I considered how inappropriate it felt to be swiping whilst inserted with cannulas and drainage tubes and with morphine surging around my body, but then I remembered how bored I was, how rubbish daytime T.V. is and how my concentration was so poor I was barely able to read a page of my book.

And then one of the blokes I was talking to asked me to send him a sexy photo, despite knowing I was in post-op recovery.  Seriously, what is more attractive than hair that hasn’t been washed for a week, with tubes, drains and bandages, on a hospital bed, nurses popping in and out asking if you’d “managed to pee and poo?” and wearing a long cotton nightie (something you’ve never worn in your life unless it’s made of lace or silk).

Naturally, I didn’t send a sexy photo. He seemed frustrated so, high on morphine, I promised to send one when I was home.

Why?  Why did I do this? (That’d be the morphine…)

When I returned home, the guy was so intent on receiving a sexy photo – I found it deeply off-putting. He seemed to berate me for promising to send a photo and not having done so yet.  I asserted my right to deny this stranger a saucy photo.

He replied: “Why?  Don’t you like your body?”

I felt rather taken aback. Just because I don’t want to send a naked photo to a stranger, does not mean I’m self-conscious about my body.  And I told him so.

“Then why?” he pleaded.

“Because I don’t want to send a naked photo to a complete stranger,” I texted back.

Shortly after, I unmatched him.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash.

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