The first time I shouted at you

it had been nearly six months. 
You weren't to know
(and it wasn't your fault)
but I'd been in constant pain for weeks,
and it was getting me down.

On it, I blamed my limp libido
and our absence of sex.
In reality, it's a culmination of your irritating habits
and my irritability.

Why do you try to wind me up,
when you know it will end in tears?
Do you genuinely forget what I say -
or ask?
And can you try to listen?

I'm trying to get out of this mothering pattern
(and don't they always say:
"If you want something done,
get a busy person to do it."?)

So can you help me by trying a little harder?

Photo by Tanja Zöllner on Unsplash

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