The battlefield behind you 
tells not of bloodied corpses
but of poppies;
each poppy a lesson learnt
from a romance
or a dalliance.

To navigate this war zone
you've used intuition and strategy -
picking up men
and rationalising your feelings.

Your head leads
this battalion;
your heart?
Merely a lieutenant.

Passion and romance
have been camouflaged by
When relationships
no longer provide
intel for your life
you kill them.
(It's this pragmatism
that's got you
to the final frontier.)

But this battlefield is
not like the last;
you can't think
your way out
of the trench that is your feelings.

Maybe when they stitched up
your heart
they left cracks
for the emotion to bleed through.

Perhaps a new plan
of attack is needed.
Do you disarm your opponent?
Do you trick your own head?

How will you conquer
this final crusade?

Image by Andreea Popescu on Unsplash.

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