So entwined in each others’ lives we are, that as I was about to head downstairs to talk to you, you came up and asked if we could talk.  Our personal D-Day was fast approaching and you felt it was time to take stock and assess our progress.  Whilst you felt things were looking better, I had a different conversation forming in my mind.  Noticing I’ve been distant, you wanted to know why as you thought things had been improving for a while.  Seeing your face drop as I told you I’m no longer happy in our relationship was heartbreaking.  An emotional 8AM chat wasn’t the best way to start a day – neither of us could concentrate at work.  Brief interludes of focus were welcomed, but soon the sinking feeling returned.

Calm voices, hearing what each other has to say and really trying to understand the other person is characteristic of our relationship.  We have always been good at listening to one another and having challenging conversations in a way that is non-confrontational.

I knew there’d be no storm in this breakup.  The first 24 hours were like rainy days in February; constant drizzle indispersed with heavier downpours.  When one of us cried, the other gave gentle smiles through wet eyes and made noises of understanding.

Whilst everyone has their opinions of what you should and shouldn’t do during a breakup, there’s no rule-book.  We are working through it together with compassion, kindness and love.  Neither one of us is ready for the other to leave our lives and at this early stage, the thought of you moving out makes us both sob…

Photo by Kaleigh Sawers from Pexels


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