Finding my Fertility (Stage 6)

I’ve been injecting for 11 days. On the 13th, I began injecting a solution containing follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) and luteinizing hormones (LH) every evening to help my ovaries grow follicles (fluid-filled sacs in which eggs grow). And from the 17th, I also started to inject a solution in the morning (between 7am and 9am) to regulate the release of FSH and LH and prevent ovulation prior to egg collection.

In terms of side effects, I’ve felt nauseous, tired, horny (much to the delight of the new man I’m seeing) and had no appetite. The morning injections also left a sore, red rash at the injection site but this disappeared after a few hours.

Cutting out alcohol has been fairly easy, aside from a fun Friday night (mocktails just aren’t the same, are they?), and fortunately, the trip to London was cancelled. I did have to inject in the car once and also in a pub toilet; I found myself explaining to the woman waiting that I’m going through IVF treatment and was injecting, not doing a poo. The poor woman looked a little shocked.

I’ve had three monitoring scans and all have gone well; follicles are getting bigger, some are pulling away and letting larger ones take over (a good thing) and by last Friday – a week after starting injections – some were approaching the threshold showing I’m ready for egg collection. Monday’s scan also went well (although the nurse shoved the scanning probe very high and heard me call out “Ow!” Her response? “Ah, yes, it can all be very sensitive at this stage with the follicles being so large.” Perhaps we should be more careful, then) and the nurse took more blood.

Nurses have said no wonder I’m tired, my body is working extremely hard, so I’m trying to take it easy as much as I can. But some things can’t be helped. Along with being tired, I have brain fog and it’s definitely the oestrogen. On Sunday night I drove to my parents via the M25 in torrential rain only to realise I forgot my needle in Brighton. After a sleepy drive back to Brighton, there was a lot of resistance to the injection and it hurt (muscles had enough? Tired me? Fed up?). I drove back to my parents at 10:30pm and found a needle in my handbag once I’d pulled up. I’ve never done anything like that before. The oestrogen won and I sat in the car for five minutes and sobbed. Pathetic, really.

That Sunday night I took my last evening injection and the next day I had my final morning injection. Last night I had to take my trigger injection at 11:30pm (staying awake was not easy!) and tomorrow morning I’m back in the clinic for egg collection.

Stage 7 (and hopefully the final stage) is to come later this week.

To gain the full picture, read Stage 5 here, read Stage 4 here, Stage 3 here, Stage 2 here and, first, Stage 1.

As always, I’m aware all women’s experiences of IVF and egg collection are unique, this is a way of adding to the body of experiences.

Photo by suju-foto from Pixabay

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