Who You’ll Meet on a Hookup App

Dating apps are full of interesting people. Of course they are because the world is full of interesting people and not all of them are coupled up (although it can sometimes feel like that).

Like most single Millennials, I’ve been on and off dating apps for years and dated countless people with varying success. Over this time, I’ve spotted trends with the sorts of people on different apps. Hinge is notoriously the relationship app (“designed to be deleted”) and most of its users are looking for a long-term, monogamous relationship. Bumble seems to be full of blokes who can’t be bothered to message or arrange a meetup and Tinder is a mixed bag, with some people wanting something serious and others wanting a more casual set-up.

But what about hook-up apps? Are they just full of sex-crazed people with minimal personality and intellect? Obviously not. In fact, the most interesting people I’ve been on dates with have come from Feeld. If you’re new to my blog or haven’t heard about the app, Feeld is an inclusive dating app for people of all sexualities, genders and relationship statuses – with any kink or fetish. Through Feeld singles and couples can connect with one another for anything from casual sex, dating to a relationship.

On the app, users are encouraged to express their desires and interests. Whilst this doesn’t have to be sexual (and I’ve seen plenty of profiles with hobbies listed as interests), most people lay out their kinks or what they’re looking to explore. You’ll likely match with someone who has similar sexual proclivities and this can be a great conversation starter.

So who do you meet on hookup apps?

  • There’s the guy who sends you dick pics or his naked, oiled torso every morning and yet never agrees to meet up. Exhibitionists abound in hook-up apps.
  • Then there’s the bloke who fawns at your bio, pleading: “Teach me!” You left teaching years ago, so he’s put on the naughty step.
  • The percussion player’s eager to expand his kinky horizon by nabbing that spare TG ticket off you – before you’ve ever met.
  • What about the couple who’ve been to all the parties and just want more, more, more? We like them, they’re fun. They share stories, but not too much. They ask questions – they’re scoping you out – and they seem pleasantly surprised when you show you can meet their expectations.
  • And then there’s the sexy primal musician. Oh my! Hook-up apps are bursting with creatives, some fanny around with a trumpet, others take snazzy photos and then there is the rare one who can actually sing, play the piano and a guitar. He shares his band’s Spotify with you. God, it’s good. Then he sends video messages, voice notes and Valentine’s songs. Certainly one for the fuck-it list.
  • Of course, we mustn’t forget the guy who collects phone numbers yet never messages. He’ll likely pop into your WhatsApp in 3 months’ time saying: “Hey.”
  • We also have a couple who are tentatively dipping their toes in, afraid you’ll bite. These two eventually get unmatched because they send essays, not messages.
  • There’s the guy who claims to be in a couple, but we’re concerned he’s just using couple photos (is that his girlfriend…?) to get into your pants.
  • And there’s the couple who suggest meeting up in their first message. Whoah, guys, slow it down.
  • Oh yes, remember that man you spent time educating (you like to think this was for other women he’s matching with) that being a man doesn’t equal being a Dom?
  • There was the guy who eventually became your boyfriend – not everyone on a hook-up app is looking for casual sex.
  • And the sexy Dom who’s inspired a lot of your writing (poems, erotic scripts, blog posts and more) and taught you a lot about yourself.
  • There are also sex writers (hello), influencers and podcasters and all of the sex-positive, ENM people whose Instagram accounts you follow. (Not sure what ENM means? Learn what all the acronyms stand for here.)
  • As you’d expect from an all-inclusive app you have people of all genders (such as non-binary, pangender, gender questioning, transmasculine and so many more). There are Doms, subs, switches and others who have no idea what they are. Lots of people have a kink, some very niche and they’re searching for people who’d explore with them.

If you’re bored with dating apps and looking for something a little different, download Feeld and start swiping – we might just match.

Not a sponsored post, I just love the app.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Well I learned something… 🙂

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