Facing Reality

In a moment of weakness, I texted my ex the other day.  This time last year, he told me he had got his act together.  He said he stopped all the drugs and alcohol and had a better job.  We know this only lasted two weeks but scrolling through his social media the other day, it seemed as though he really had stopped his old ways.  He’s moved to London and has a new job with regular hours.

I sent a casual text asking how he is and how London life was treating him.  He read it and didn’t reply, although this hasn’t had the same effect on me as it usually has.  Maybe I instinctively knew that striking up a conversation would be a bad idea…

Then I saw his Snapchat story update and I wondered whether I had an idealised image of him in my head.

Caitlin Moran says we should never be with someone we think we can mend.  When issues cropped up with my ex, I thought I could fix them alone – I couldn’t, so we broke up.  Then he seemed to be fixing his problems himself but he wasn’t, so we broke up again.  I’ve considered trying again but I don’t trust he’s willing to make the effort and it would be unkind to reignite a relationship I don’t believe will work out.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash.

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