30 Lessons for 30

One month ago, I turned 30. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. You can be authentic and not give everything away.
  2. Don’t feel guilty about giving up on a book after about 80 pages. It may be a bestseller but you’re not hooked – let someone else enjoy it and move on to a different book.
  3. No matter how pissed you are, take off your make-up and brush your teeth before bed.
  4. It’s okay to distance yourself from people who constantly make you feel like a little black cloud.
  5. Organising and getting rid of things in your home is never a waste of time.
  6. Neither is cleaning – or taking out the rubbish.
  7. If there isn’t a time set for a date, there isn’t a date.
  8. Always be truthful – to others and to yourself about who you are. Small lies fracture the system you rely on to perceive the world.
  9. Spend time with people older and wiser – they have so much to teach.
  10. Spend time with children – they will make you smile.
  11. Adopt a good skincare regime – for your face and body.
  12. You’ll never regret finding time in your day for a yoga session – especially at home.
  13. It’s empowering being the one to say “no” first.
  14. Having good hair requires effort (and money). Use Moroccan oil after each wash, Olaplex to rejuvenate and quality hair products in general.
  15. Spend most of your energy strengthening existing relationships.
  16. Don’t get drunk on a first date. Or second, third or fourth.
  17. If you give people an inch, they will often take a mile.
  18. Drinking a glass or two of water before bedtime when you’re pissed makes all the difference.
  19. Pay for your virtues with your privileges.
  20. If your hobby is your job and your job is your hobby, enjoying what you do is essential.
  21. Small ways to make life easier: have a hairband in every handbag, your desk drawer, somewhere in the kitchen, bathroom and in your room. Also, have lip balm and tissues in every handbag.
  22. Sadly, being “too nice” is a thing.
  23. A good date can be just that – a good date. It doesn’t have to lead to anything.
  24. Quality supplements (vitamins, collagen etc.) are important. Start taking them 6 years ago.
  25. Asking others questions and being genuinely interested in what they have to say are two qualities many people lack. If it comes naturally, you’ll reap the rewards. If it doesn’t, learn to ask questions, listen to the answer and respond to what the person has said without bringing the conversation back to yourself. Don’t spend the time the other person is talking thinking about how you can respond and relate it to your own experiences – this kills conversation and relationships.
  26. Saying that, if someone doesn’t ask about you, don’t keep asking questions. Butt in and talk about yourself a little. Perhaps they’ll get the hint?
  27. Waking up regretting drinking too much the night before is often futile: you did it, it was probably fun. Take some painkillers and get on with your day.
  28. Save. Save for rainy days, save for energy prices going up, save for scary tax bills.
  29. If something feels dodgy, it probably is.
  30. Being 30 is amazing.

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mrs Fever says:

    I still have a hard time with #2 and I’m about to be 46. But I agree… Sometimes, it’s not even worth 10 pages of trying.

    And all the YES to #10. They will make you smile. (They will also make you sick. Because, carrier monkeys.)


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