What Happens When You Meet With an Ex After a Break?

Four days after my previous post, I ended our relationship. We had a fun weekend planned with lots of socialising but he was late on Friday evening due to a heavy one the previous night. I spent the weekend being extra bubbling and he spent the weekend hungover and on a come-down.  Sunday was a sad day with lots of tears.  We took the following week as a break to help with the sadness but as the weekend approached, it was becoming more and more evident it was the right decision. Also, when friends and family members heard the news of our break-up, every person said, “Well done, you did the right thing.”

This weekend we decided to meet up. I wanted to finalise our break and have some closure; I also thought it would be good for him to know where I stood, no matter how heartbreaking he may have found it.

How wrong I was.

It was tricky seeing him again (he looked irritatingly gorgeous) and John Legend’s “All of Me” came on in the cafe – you really couldn’t make this up.

But his response surprised me. I partly expected promises he’d change, especially after receiving a text from him last week promising just this, but instead, he simply accepted the end of the relationship.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

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