The Grey Area Between Love and Breaking Up

Recently, I was talking about my relationship with a friend. She identified “the grey area” between loving your partner and breaking up with them.

It’s when you’re not in love with that person anymore, but the thought of having sex with them doesn’t physically repulse you.

A perfect summation of my current relationship status. The sheen of Prince Charming has worn off. We no longer have constant sex, our personalities are completely different and we’ve had a rocky few months. Beyond each other, we have very little in common.  Amidst the daily arguments, there have been promises made and broken, lies told and nasty things said.  I’ve transitioned from loving him so much, to feeling strangely indifferent about him, particularly when we’re apart. When we’re together I flit between feelings of indifference, passion, hatred, astonishment and frustration.

The end is undoubtedly in sight. Oh dear.

Photo by Josep Martins on Unsplash.

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