This year I’ve learnt a lot about what I want from a partner: someone kind, ambitious and who I’m attracted to as well as they’re attracted to me.

I’ve been seeing a guy for a few months now and we’ve progressed into relationship territory.  After I broke up with my ex, mutual friends kept saying this guy was interested in me, so we met at social gatherings, went for drinks together and had the odd sleepover.  More recently, he came to visit me in Brighton and we spent weekends together.  I found him attractive, but possibly in hindsight, I think I found the idea of him more attractive.  On paper, this guy seemed great:

  • He’s in his late 20s
  • He has a job and a passion that come together
  • He’s amazing at cooking
  • He’s gentlemanly
  • He’s kind
  • I find him interesting
  • We have mutual friends

But as the months have gone on, I’ve spotted some red flags. The flag flying at the full mask is that he finds me intimidating because I have my career on track.  Couple red flags with a phone call from an ex confessing he’s still in love with you and you find yourself in a right pickle.

Photo by Rafael Garcin on Unsplash.

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  1. Holly and Eliza says:

    Mr. Nice and sexy is out there for you. He just might be appear across several guys. At my age, I’m now wondering whether it takes a village to appreciate all the aspects of a person and meet their needs. (I don’t mean be the village bicycle. Besides, ugh what an awful phrase). So here’s a radical thought: Find one who respects how together you are. Find another who looks gooood. Another you’ve got chemistry with. Yet another who digs being your best friend.


    1. Fantastic advice. Cheers.


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