Let’s do this!

My attitude towards being single has got out of hand; I need to shrink ‘ohmygodI’mstillsingleandprobablywillbeforever‘ back down to ‘I’msingle!:)‘.  It’s getting a bit out of hand and I need to stop feeling down about being on my own, and need to remember how great it felt to be newly single and 21 a few years ago.  I’ve got into the mindset that being 23 and single is crap, but it really isn’t.


  • I can do what I like, when I like, with whomever I like
  • I can go out and come home at godknowswhattime and not feel guilty
  • I could not come home…
  • My career is off to a flying start without the distractions of a boyfriend

So here’s to a brilliant Single Summer, filled with lots of fun.

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