Three Girls, One App.

When you have three vivacious single women looking for summer fun on the same dating apps whilst living at the same postcode, there’s bound to be some crossover with potential matches. And after one housemate unintentionally matched with another’s ex, we quickly learnt to keep each other in the loop with who’s chatting to whom.

Despite us all looking for different things, certain desirable qualities have overlapped, leading to giggles and gossip around the kitchen table.

So who’s looking? We’ve got the Seasoned Dater (Moi – hello, regular readers), we’ve got the Dabbler (she’s in, she’s out, she’s cool and chilled) and we have the self-proclaimed “Dating App Virgin” (with a little coaxing she recently went on her first date from an app, now she’s chatting to lots of lovely men and dating regularly).

We’ve come across each other’s exes (some, more than once. Shouldn’t he have deleted his profile now he’s in a new relationship?!) and we’ve found out more about these men than they’ve given away when two of us match with the same guy. Perhaps it seems unfair, but when one of us matched with an old acquaintance of another, we’ve deterred them – for they’re a serial FuckBoy and it would end in tears.

There’s been the guy who’s copy and pasted the same message to all three of us. He seemed familiar – in fact, I matched with him four years ago and wrote a post about him. He continued to message increasingly uncomfortable messages and then became aggressive when we (separately) politely declined him – cue Report Profile to Hinge.

One guy wanted something kinky, my gorgeously-uninitiated housemate thought this was a synonym for ‘kooky’; we enjoyed discovering his kinks he was very happy to detail.

Before long, we’ll all have successful dates and (hopefully) come off the apps. Until then, we’re a terribly open household…

Please note: this is written tongue-in-cheek with some details changed to obscure identities. Rather than poking fun at men, this shows the issue of three singletons, seeking similar people from the same postcode.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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