Love and Lust in Lockdown: Filthy adventures for the future.

Lockdown has got many of us feeling hot under the collar and frisky between the sheets.  To find out how lockdown has impacted our love and lusting, I’m getting intimate with interviews.


Z (male), 31.

What is your relationship status?

I’m currently single and not looking for a monogamous relationship.


Describe your love-life in one word.



Who have you been quarantining with?

Different regular partners.


Has the lockdown impacted your sex life, if so – how?

I’m less active, sexually, but also less energised.  I’ve had lots of low-energy days where sex is the last thing I’ve wanted.  Other days, I’ve been very horny and playing with myself, mostly.  I got back to porn after giving it up five years ago and got bored with it very quickly.


Have any of your desires/fantasies changed during the lockdown?

My fantasies have always been related to who I’m connected with so nothing has changed.  Except, I now have more desires for cuddling and touching, slow and less-kinky sex.


Describe your lockdown experience in three words.

Virtual, potential partners, masturbating.


What have you missed the most about ‘normal life’?

The gym and socialising at sex parties.


What coping mechanisms have you adopted during the lockdown?

I’ve been planning filthy adventures for the future, staying fit and healthy and focusing on myself.


Has the pandemic changed the way you approach love and romantic relationships?



What are your hopes for love after lockdown?

I have no expectations; I let love happen.


Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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