Love and Lust in Lockdown: Growing roots.

Lockdown has got many of us feeling hot under the collar and frisky between the sheets.  To find out how lockdown has impacted our love and lusting, I’m getting intimate with interviews.


Shorona, 31.

What is your relationship status?

Co-habiting.  My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, 8 months and 5 days (approximately).


Describe your love-life in one word.



Who have you been quarantining with?

My partner, pretty much 24/7, and one or two gigantic spiders along the way.


Has the lockdown impacted your sex life, if so – how?

Pretty much the same old for us (although ‘same old’ isn’t a great way to describe one’s sex life, is it?) Hahaha.


Have any of your desires/fantasies changed during the lockdown?

Wouldn’t you like to know?!  (Take that as a ‘no’; other than a bit of doctor (me, of course) /patient/pretending to have coronavirus roleplay – we’ve all been there, right?  No?)


Describe your lockdown experience in three words.

Rollercoaster, reflective, rambunctious.


What have you missed the most about ‘normal life’?

Freeeeeeeeedommmmmm.  Holidays!  Glastonbury!!!!  Mainly just keeping busy (although I somehow still manage it) – working in schools/seeing the children, seeing friends regularly, seeing my sister (who I haven’t been able to see in months), live music, eating out, bars, house parties, escape rooms, all of the usual distractions that “protect us from the true extent of the hurt that we carry quietly in our hearts”.


What coping mechanisms have you adopted during the lockdown?

Lots of therapy (following two bereavements over lockdown and some family issues rearing their ugly head), gratitude, mindfulness, lots of exercise and extensive Netflix and chill.


Has the pandemic changed the way you approach love and romantic relationships?

Um, I guess we’ve been able to spend much more time together over lockdown, so prioritising OUR OWN SPACE in the future.  Only joking.  It’s going to be hard to go back to ‘normal life’ in that sense – I’ve developed separation anxiety from my partner even going to the toilet now (Wedding Crashers “never leave me, cos I’ll find you!!!!” comes to mind, and Team America’s “promise me you’ll never die”.  Ah, I could easily go down the rabbit hole here, but I’ll save you/myself from further embarrassment).  Um, what was the question again?


What are your hopes for love after lockdown?

Happily ever after? (*Vomits into her lap*).  Um, we would like to grow some roots together, buy a house, foster lots of children and adopt lots of animals, whilst at the same time wanting to free ourselves from society’s shackles and expectations by travelling the world in a campervan!  Incompatible?  Probably.


Photo by Ernesto Bruschi on Unsplash

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