5 Ways to Minimise Collateral Damage from an Argument

So you live with the boyfriend. Great. But now you’re with each other all the time. One another’s irritating habits are amplified, it’s harder to find the time to cool off and you’re wondering if you should have moved in together.

Does this sound familiar?

Daily arguments have become commonplace in my relationship and we’re working out how to keep the peace and stave-off a breakup!

  1. Talk. Talk talk talk. Talk about what’s pissed you off, talk about why you’re giving the silent treatment, talk about why you don’t want to sleep in the same bed tonight.
  2. Work out the foundations of your argument. Are you actually arguing about the dishes or is it indicative of something larger?
  3. See if you can identify a theme for your fall-outs. Do you always argue about the same things? If so, that’s the issue you need to sort out to minimise the bickering.
  4. Discuss compromises and solutions. It’s very rarely one person’s issue in an argument. Even if one person is the one who seems to be at fault, the other person won’t be totally guilt-free.
  5. Be honest with yourselves. Are the little issues indicative of an overarching problem? Is the relationship worth working at? Should you quit and run?

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