Love and Lust in Lockdown: Affairs of the heart.

Lockdown has got many of us feeling hot under the collar and frisky between the sheets.  To find out how lockdown has impacted our love and lusting, I’m getting intimate with interviews.


KevinAmari, 42.

What is your relationship status?

Complicated but incredibly good fun.  I’m having affairs with two married women, plus there’s a couple of exes who are occasional friends-with-benefits.


Describe your love-life in one word.



Who have you been quarantining with?

My parents – they’re old and meant to be shielding so I can’t have them relying on others when I could be here to help.  Plus, if they were to get sick I couldn’t see them being able to cope; that’s not a situation I’d be willing to risk allowing to happen.


Has the lockdown impacted your sex life, if so – how?

It went from 100mph to zero pretty damn fast.  There’s been lots of messaging with current and old flames, not necessarily sexy-time but mostly reassurances and promises of liaisons once we’re able to see each other again.  We’re planning some fun dates of what we’d like to do once we’re able to get out and about, too.


Have any of your desires/fantasies changed during the lockdown?

Nah, I’m living my best life…. The things I get up to are already the things I love doing.  That’s not to say I’m not open to new things.  I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it.


Describe your lockdown experience in three words.

Netflix.  Wine.  Early-nights.


What have you missed the most about ‘normal life’?

The gym and a sense of freedom.  Everything feels very sterile now, too.  Lockdown has engendered a sense of wariness and mistrust towards strangers; the first thoughts through your head is if they are a danger to you – I’m sure it’s the same for them.  It means meeting new people is off the table for now really.


What coping mechanisms have you adopted during the lockdown?

WINE!  That’s certainly been a feature but just as it’s an easy way to pass the evening.  Otherwise, the lockdown isn’t something that I’ve needed to ‘cope’ with.  I’ve quite enjoyed spending time with life on a go-slow and appreciating more simple things; being with my parents, having a reset and taking time to take stock of where I am and where I want to get to.  ‘There’s more to life than increasing its speed,’ I believe is the saying.


Has the pandemic changed the way you approach love and romantic relationships?

Don’t know yet.  It’s probably time to stop acting like I’m in my 20s and start trying to build something a bit more stable and with more longevity to it.  That’s easy to say now but when the party gets started again all the good intentions could easily go out of the window.


What are your hopes for love after lockdown?

Again, I don’t know yet.  I’m very happy with my current situation, however, it’s not got potential for longevity.  I have been approached by a very exclusive matchmaking company – they offered to put me on their books for no fee (I’m guessing there’s a shortage of eligible and suitable men…)  This thing is expensive and very high-end so that could well be a way to meet someone who would be more suitable as a long term partner that I could commit to.


Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash


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